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Application X-mplayer2 Download Windows 10


Application x-mplayer2 download windows 10

Download Zip:

- EDIT - I changed the type parameter to "application/x-mplayer2". So, now, in Firefox/Chrome/Opera it tells me I need the windows media plugin, so I get it and the video plays fine... but... with that MIME type (application/x-mplayer2) it doesn't work In Internet Explorer anymore :(

MIME TypeDescriptionSuffixesaudio/mpegMPEG audiomp2,mp3,mpga,mpegaaudio/x-mpegMPEG audiomp2,mp3,mpga,mpegavideo/mpegMPEG videompg,mpeg,mpevideo/x-mpegMPEG videompg,mpeg,mpevideo/mpeg-systemMPEG videompg,mpeg,mpe,vobvideo/x-mpeg-systemMPEG videompg,mpeg,mpe,vobaudio/mp4MPEG-4 audioaac,mp4,mpg4audio/x-m4aMPEG-4 audiom4avideo/mp4MPEG-4 videomp4,mpg4application/mpeg4-iodMPEG-4 videomp4,mpg4application/mpeg4-muxcodetableMPEG-4 videomp4,mpg4video/x-m4vMPEG-4 videom4vvideo/x-msvideoAVI videoaviapplication/oggOgg streamoggvideo/oggOgg videoogvapplication/x-oggOgg streamoggapplication/x-vlc-pluginVLC plug-invideo/x-ms-asf-pluginWindows Media Videoasf,asxvideo/x-ms-asfWindows Media Videoasf,asxapplication/x-mplayer2Windows Mediavideo/x-ms-wmvWindows Mediawmvvideo/x-ms-wvxWindows Media Videowvxaudio/x-ms-wmaWindows Media Audiowmaapplication/x-google-vlc-pluginGoogle VLC plug-inaudio/wavWAV audiowavaudio/x-wavWAV audiowavaudio/3gpp3GPP audio3gp,3gppvideo/3gpp3GPP video3gp,3gppaudio/3gpp23GPP2 audio3g2,3gpp2video/3gpp23GPP2 video3g2,3gpp2video/divxDivX videodivxvideo/flvFLV videoflvvideo/x-flvFLV videoflvapplication/x-matroskaMatroska videomkvvideo/x-matroskaMatroska videomkvaudio/x-matroskaMatroska audiomkaapplication/xspf+xmlPlaylist xspfxspfaudio/x-mpegurlMPEG audiom3uvideo/webmWebM videowebmaudio/webmWebM audiowebmapplication/vnd.rn-realmediaReal Media Filermaudio/x-realaudioReal Media Audioraaudio/amrAMR audioamraudio/x-flac

Standard WMP plugin: In Windows XP and earlier, the WMP plugin file "npdsplay.dll" and related plugin files are normally included in the Windows Media Player program folder. The WMP plugin is automatically detected through plugin scanning and will be used by Mozilla applications for embedded media that require the WMP plugin. Important: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-006 (February 2006) reported a vulnerability in the standard Windows Media Player plugin file "npdsplay.dll" on Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems, that could result in remote code execution when using non-Microsoft web browsers. The "Security Update for Windows Media Player Plug-in (KB911564)", available from Windows Update or from the download links given in the security bulletin, updates the file "npdsplay.dll" (normally located in the C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player folder) to version If your system includes the standard WMP plugin, make sure that it is the updated version of this file.

The WMP plugin is not included in Windows 7/Vista [1] and may also be missing in other Windows systems. You may visit a site that includes embedded media requiring the WMP plugin and receive a message such as Unknown plugin (application/x-mplayer2) [2] or you may be incorrectly directed to reinstall the WMP program, which is not a solution, since reinstalling or updating Windows Media Player does not add the missing plugins [3].

Windows Media Player is a free program that is available on Windows. But Microsoft refuses to play OGG file on Windows Media Player, as OGG is an open source format. If you want your windows media player to be an OGG player, you can go to the Vorbis official site and download a decoder: DirectShow Filters for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora, FLAC, and WebM.

C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\npdsplay.dll$$113324922600015$Npdsplay dll$Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library$110application/asxMedia Files*$1video/x-ms-asf-pluginMedia Files*$2application/x-mplayer2Media Files*$3video/x-ms-asfMedia Filesasf,asx,*$4video/x-ms-wmMedia Fileswm,*$5audio/x-ms-wmaMedia Fileswma,*$6audio/x-ms-waxMedia Fileswax,*$7video/x-ms-wmvMedia Fileswmv,*$8video/x-ms-wvxMedia Fileswvx,*$9audio/x-ms-mp3Media Filesmp3,*$10audio/mpegMedia Filesmp3,*$


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