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Na Jaane Kabse Movie Download | Watch Na Jaane Kabse Movie online - Hungama

Download Film Na Jaane Kabse.. Movie

Are you looking for a romantic comedy movie that will make you laugh and cry at the same time? Do you want to watch a movie that has a unique plot, a talented cast, and a heartwarming message? If yes, then you should download film Na Jaane Kabse.. movie today!

Download Film Na Jaane Kabse.. Movie

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Na Jaane Kabse.. is a Hindi movie that was released in 2011. It is directed by Pammi Somal and stars Garry Gill, Amrita Prakash, Sharat Saxena, Lillete Dubey, and many more. The movie is about Karan Bajaj, a bartender turned resort developer who is ditched at the altar by his fiance for the third time. To save face he claims that she was not good enough for him but he is beaten by her family and thrown out. He then meets Anjali Premkar, a plain Jane runaway librarian who is also a drama queen. They end up going to his resort where he has to pretend that she is his bride to avoid public humiliation.

The movie is a hilarious and touching story of how two opposite people find love in unexpected ways. It is also a story of how one can overcome their past traumas and fears with courage and hope.

In this article we will tell you why you should watch Na Jaane Kabse.. movie online download film na jaane kabse b70169992d


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