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Native Instruments Maschine 2

The Maschine software is designed to be used as a standalone production studio, or utilized as a plugin within a digital audio workstation. The software is primarily based on drum sequencing and designed for use with the Maschine line of hardware controllers. Users assign drum kits, instruments, and sounds from the included library to each of the controller's 16 pads, and can manipulate sounds further by applying effects and plugins. The software also includes tools to capture and manipulate audio samples in real-time. All functions can be performed without the use of a mouse, and instead directly from the hardware itself.[1] The 2.0 version of the software added multi-core CPU support, a new audio engine, the removal of plugin limits, and other upgrades to UI and audio effects.[14]

Native Instruments Maschine 2


A selling point of Native Instruments' Maschine is the release of official expansions for the software's digital library on an ongoing basis.[23] Expansions are generally geared toward a specific genre of music, often containing several different virtual drum kits and instruments. The latest expansions also include presets for the Massive and Monark synthesizers, both of which are created and distributed by Native Instruments.[24] As well, many of the expansions have been released for the iMaschine and iMaschine 2 iOS apps, albeit streamlined for use on the mobile platform.[25][26]

Maschine has an RRP 100 lower than Push. It also includes the full Maschine application, plus Komplete Select, which includes Massive, Monark, some solid effects and a decent crop of Kontakt instruments.

Native Instruments is a music software and hardware giant based in Germany. They have one of the most comprehensive music suites in the world, ranging from drum machines to synthesizers and perfect remakes of analog instruments. I have worked on creating customized music for many of their products for demo and promotional purposes. The challenge in this work is that you have to stick within the parameters of each sound bank and software you are working on. Really fun way to get creative in various genres of music. 041b061a72


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