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6 Souls Torrent Download: How to Stream or Download this Movie Safely and Legally

Bandai Namco has also confirmed that the game will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which is a huge deal for the Soulsborne title as it previously was only available on the PlayStation 3. They also confirmed that the game will have a revamped online multiplayer system, meaning that the host won't be able to see the level of the other player during an invasion. Because of this, invasion gamers will need to be careful about what they say to the other players as they're vulnerable to invasion. Once the invasion is over, they can switch off stealth by using the special option (which is not yet named on the multiplayer forums) and be safe. Bandai Namco claims that these restrictions on what the host can and cannot see during an invasion will allow for more personal, in-depth matches rather than two opponents jockeying for domination of the world at once. Expect to see more about the revamped online multiplayer system in future interviews.

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We'll also see information about the game's online co-op modes coming closer to the launch of the game. We have already seen that the games story is intended to be played with a party (via PlayStation 4 and Xbox One voice chat), but Bandai Namco hasn't revealed if this will include any of the cooperative missions that are a part of the original Dark Souls.

Elden Ring does appear to heavily reference the original Dark Souls title, including a quick journey back to the Flame Fingers that are a part of that worlds boss, Anjanath. Anjanath is also the winged demon that players will need to defeat using Dark Souls collectibles. We do not know if this will include a story campaign, a new upgrade system, or a variety of other changes.


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