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Akane Sakura ^HOT^

Sakura has a very strong personality, she refuses to admit defeat or inferiority to anyone and has lots of pride in her powers as a kunoichi, this started to change however after she teamed up with Hayato and Sai who were both growing very rapidly to powerful shinobi, something that threatened Sakura's pride in herself and made her jealous of the pair. During their missions together and the time they spent together as a team Sakura began to develope feeling for her team-mate Sai, even after he left the village and became a missing nin and a criminal, Sakura still couldn't shake off her emotions for him. Spending a long time with Hayato however sakura slowly began to have a change of heart, admiring Hayato's perseverance and determination in life and seeing his true worth as a ninja this confused the kunoichi unill she was convinced that she actually loved them both, eventually sakura's heart chose Hayato and they later got married.

akane sakura




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