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2020 Download Waves Rvox Plugin

On a related note, Waves Audio is currently running a sitewide 40% OFF sale on individual products and plugin bundles. Enter the coupon code BEST2020 to get 40% OFF your order. Receive additional free plugins when you spend $50 or more.

2020 Download Waves Rvox Plugin

I have just installed Logic on a new 2020 MacBook Pro (with the M1 chip) and in transferring Waves plugins from my previous MacBook (Air) they are listed in the plug manager as validated (they all have up to date licenses) but do not load in Logic. I have tried everything I can without success. Help Please!!

The waves plugins (like a lot of other manufacturers) are having trouble with Rosetta 2 on the M1 Macs so the M1 based Macs are not translating the Intel based plugs properly which is why they don't work. Waves are working on M1 native code which makes sense. If a piece of code is not working on Rosetta 2 I suppose it makes more sense to spend the time writing native code than it does to try and tweak existing code. It might take a few months though.


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