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Downhill Domination Online Game [CRACKED]

As mentioned before, the game contains three different disciplines of mountain bike riding which offers some variety to the title. The disciplines are Free Ride, which reminds us somewhat of Amped. You start at the top of a huge mountain and the goal is to reach the bottom in the shortest time possible. There is no restrictions, to an extent, as to where you can ride, so you may find yourself a fair distance away from the other riders except for near the finish line. The mountains that this discipline is raced on are huge. Sometimes it may take you over five minutes to complete the race. The other disciplines are much more restrictive and show the competitive nature of the game a bit better. Mountain Cross is basically racing down a short course and technical downhill features tight corners and other obstacles to really test a riders skill at riding through tight, windy tracks down the mountain. These two disciplines feature significantly shorter tracks then free ride.

Downhill Domination Online Game

The extreme sports genre has been one of the most frequently tapped in the past few years. The latest extreme sports game to hit consoles is Downhill Domination, a downhill-mountain-biking game for the PlayStation 2. The title has emerged from the minds of Incog, the Utah-based developer whose eclectic resume includes the Twisted Metal series and War of the Monsters. We recently had a chance to check out an early build of the game that offered us a taste of what the final release will offer. With its solid graphics engine and gameplay, Downhill Domination is shaping up to be a speedy and engaging experience.

For those who've missed out on the downhill-mountain-biking craze, the sport revolves around three key elements: racing down steep hills at high speeds, not crashing, and looking cool while doing the previous two things. Downhill Domination, in development for roughly 16 months so far, attempts to capture the key elements of the sport and distill them into an accessible experience. The end result so far is a game that offers a unique slant on the SSX and Freekstyle mold by throwing in a helping of old-school Road Rash game elements.

Downhill Domination seems to be shaping up well. The game's difficulty and learning curve could use a bit of tweaking, but the game is certainly fun to play. The multiplayer games are engaging additions, although we'd obviously like to see some online multiplayer options included in a game from the team that brought us the addictive experience of Twisted Metal: Black Online. Still, Downhill Domination has shown a lot of promise so far, and Incog should be able to put all the finishing touches on the game in time for its release this summer on the PlayStation 2.


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