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Extend the value of your printers with Cable (USB A to B Micro B) - 25-124330-01R. With a wide variety of certified Zebra parts in stock, including the Cable (USB A to B Micro B) - 25-124330-01R, you'll find exactly what you need to optimize your printing experience.


Purchase a minimum of $50,000 MSRP in Mobile Computer products, a minimum of $20,000 MSRP in Rugged Tablet products, a minimum of $50,000 MSRP in TC2X, EC30 Mobile Computer products, a minimum of $20,000 MSRP in HD4000 Head-Mounted Display products, a minimum of $20,000 MSRP in RFID readers, RFID Antennas, and RFID Printers products, a minimum of $25,000 MSRP in Barcode Scanners products, a minimum of $10,000 MSRP in DS22XB Scanners products, a minimum of $50,000 MSRP in Printers products (in multi-technology deals the threshold is $30,000 MSRP), a minimum of $5,000 MSRP in Software products, and a minimum of $5,000 MSRP in Zebra VisibilityIQ Foresight products. *All accessories/ batteries are eligible for Deal Registration discounts except for the following: Card printer supplies, bar code printer supplies, printheads, repair parts and other aftermarket products.Please turn on active scripting for pricing and to order.See all productsManufacturer Part# 25-124330-01RUPC Code: 783555103647

Credit line example: "Seoul-metro-228-Seoul-national-university-station-sign-20181121-124330.jpg from Wikimedia Commons by LERK, CC-BY-SA 4.0"A statement such as "From Wikimedia Commons" or similar is not by itself sufficient. If you do not provide clear attribution to the author and indicate the file name as shown here, you didn't comply with the terms of the file's license and may not use this file. If you are unable or unwilling to provide attribution and release your own work that incorporates this work with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license you should contact LERK to negotiate a different license. Informing me about usage is not mandatory, however, I'd appreciate a note if you use my work outside Wikimedia projects. Thanks! More of my work can be found in Category:Files by User:LERK.

Reviewed by: Bad Apple Deborah Stevenson Ruby, Laura . Bad Apple. HarperTeen, 2009 [256p]. ISBN 978-0-06-124330-1 $16.99 Reviewed from galleys R* Gr. 8-12 Did Tola Riley have an affair with the art teacher? That's the story going around school and even, to some extent, Tola's home, and Tola's firm denial hasn't the slightest effect on the storm of scandalized parents and critical and gossipy (and maybe slightly jealous) fellow students. As she attempts to untangle the situation and exonerate her teacher, she faces the fact that she did actually hope for more of a connection than a simple teacher-student relationship (stemming, the book implies, from her longing for fatherly approval after her father's remarriage has essentially cut his kids out of his life), and she begins a tender, intermittent romance with a boy in her class. Ultimately, though, she must not only sort out her own personal feelings but also the vindictive, game-playing classmate who deliberately reported the false story of the affair just for entertainment and who's intent on continuing the charade. Tola's narration pulls this complicated story together in a snarky, desperate, and poignant voice, interpolated with quotes from involved parties, wannabe involved parties, and anybody with a comment (including Tola's cat). There's wit and cleverness as well as sympathy in both the writing in general (Tola describes her father's new wife as "Hannalore, which is German for I keep poisoned apples in my purse") and in the touches of fairy-tale allusion, sometimes a result of Tola's obsession with the Grimms and sometimes wandering through the plot on their own. The take on Chelsea, Tola's former friend and now lying tormentor, is understanding but tough-minded, and it's a sound treatment of trolling both online and in real life. This is both an absorbing read and a thought-provoking one, and its combination of social dynamics and ethical conundrum would make it an interesting partner to Avi's Nothing but the Truth (BCCB 9/91). [End Page 126] 041b061a72


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