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Hero Telugu Movie Dubbed In Hindi

South Indian movies have made its presence felt, by competing and beating Bollywood revenues in the past few years. These movies are not only grossing money in their dubbed versions across India, outside the country also they are making a lot of noise.

Hero telugu movie dubbed in hindi

Although South Indian movies come up with a lot of new ideas and scripts and keep their fans loyal, there are some fixed plots which are more popular with the viewers of dubbed movies on TV. So most of them are love stories with a lot of Masala. Mostly the plots would be around a couple who are in love, however, face challenges due to their family feud or hindrance by a local goon supported by a powerful politician.

Rajinikanth plays two roles in this movie, one of the scientist Vaseegaran and his creation, the robot Chitti. The dubbed version is called Robot. This is a mega blockbuster and soon there would be a sequel to this movie.


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