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[S2E10] Bart Gets Hit By A Car LINK

Hutz promises Homer a cash settlement of $1 million if Bart lies about the extent of his injuries, of which Hutz gets half of as his fee. Hutz takes Bart to go see Dr. Nick, a quack doctor who claims Bart has extensive injuries and wraps him in bandages. On the stand, Bart and Burns both tell exaggerated versions of the accident to impress the jury, who find Bart's story to be more believable, but Marge and Lisa are furious because they know it is Hutz's attempt to curry their favor.

[S2E10] Bart Gets Hit by a Car

I really enjoyed reading this post. I particularly enjoyed #3 Bart gets hits by a car. Although that episode was pretty humorous, it really shows how critical it is for pedestrians to pay just as much attention to traffic lights and signs as drivers. The last couple of weeks there have been a couple news reports here in my area about pedestrians getting hit by cars. One was critically injured and the other one was pronounced dead at the scene. We really need to be on high alert while driving or walking. Nice Post!! 041b061a72


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